Less perfect

However, he keeps on forgetting things like my birthday, and that makes me think that he is less than perfect. Perfect people are not a lot of fun anyway, and I would say that none of the gents I date at London escorts are perfect. However, I think that makes them more fun to be with. It is okay to be people who are perfect, but spending time with people who are less perfect, is lot more fun.


My boyfriend gets really annoyed with himself that he forgets stuff like my birthday, but it does not really matter to me. When my birthday comes around at London escorts, most of the gents I date at the London escorts service I work for, tend to remember my birthday. When I come home from London escorts on my birthday, I have already enjoyed many little birthday parties. Often I am carrying a couple of bottle of champagnes and some presents as well. Of course, it makes my boyfriend wonder what is going on, and he soon figures it out.


Does it make him feel guilty? I do think that it makes him feel a bit guilty and I know that he will make up for it. Most of the time, he will end up taking me out for dinner the following weekend, and buying me a more expensive birthday present than he had originally intended to buy. Most if the gents at London escorts do bring me presents as well. If it is a first date at London escorts, I know that the gents are not going to know, but my regular gents do know.


I get some really nice presents, and I don’t show all of them to my boyfriend. He would probably get a little bit jealous if I told him about all of the presents that I receive. Some of the gents do bring me rather expensive presents, and during my time with London escorts, I have been given some really nice gifts on my birthday. Like all other girls I like to receive jewelry, but you cannot expect that all of the time. But a man used to date, always brought me a diamond on my birthday but now he has moved abroad, and I don’t see him that much.


Am I spoiled? I am spoiled enough not to worry about my boyfriend forgetting my birthday. Like I say to my friends, it is nice that he remembers Christmas and what we call our anniversary. My London escorts gents do a good job of remembering my birthday, but then again, they are very good at remembering other things as well. I even date some gents who remember our first date. Unbeknown to my boyfriend, I do celebrate a lot of different anniversaries, but I don’t bring all of my special presents home with me. If I did, he would probably wonder what was going on, and there are some things a girl needs to keep close to her heart.

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