Sugar Babe

My name is Nikki Rawlinson. When I am not buys working for London escorts, I have got a nice little sideline going as a Sugar Babe. I am sure that I am not the only girl at our London escorts who works part-time as a Sugar Babe. In general, it is not something us girls at London escorts talk about, but I am pretty sure that most cheap escorts in London would have got some kind of side hustle going on when they are not escorting.

Being a Sugar Babe is surprisingly easy. I think that some London escorts think that there is a lot of hassle attached to it, but it is not. Asking for many is something that most London escorts should be good at. After all, we ask gentlemen to pay for their dates. Asking a Sugar Daddy to pay for his date is not that different. All you have to do is to make sure that you come to a suitable arrangement with your Sugar Daddy.

Do all Sugar Daddies play in cold hard cash? Doing a bank transfer is probably the last thing a Sugar Daddy would like to do. But, there are other options. A couple of the Sugar Daddies that I date when I am not at London escorts, pay me by Paypal. They simply send me a gift after we have agreed an amount. If your Sugar Daddy is married, there is no way his partner is going to be able to trace the transaction unless she has his Paypal details. It is a shame that London escorts services can’t operate in this way.

Can you pay me in Amazon vouchers? A gentlemen at London escorts recently gave me a tip in electronic Amazon vouchers. At first I thought it was a bit silly, but then I realised it is actually a rather cool idea. Most London escorts use Amazon from time to time. I don’t let all of my Sugar Daddies pay me in Amazon voucher, but when they say they want to give me a treat, I often suggest that they give me an Amazon voucher. Then I can buy want ever I want online.

I draw the line at coffee vouchers. Yes, I know that it is popular for employers to treat their staff to Starbucks coffee vouchers, but I am not sure that it will ever work for me. Sure, you can give me £25 Starbucks voucher as a tip, but I can’t accept full payment using a Starbuck’s voucher. I know that I like coffee and tea, but there is no way that even I can drink that much coffee and tea. It is best to ask a Sugar Daddy to pay you cash for time spent. Any little treats can always be in vouchers if you like. I even say that to some of my London escorts clients from time to time. No harm in getting in some extra coffee time with beautiful women. They are a wonderful confidence hen other men look upon with envy of your company, thinking what does he that i am missing from me.

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