What Are The Most Murderous Cities In The World

Londoners are certainly very concerned about the high crime rate in London. It is not only Charlotte Reading escorts that are talking about the crime rate in London. Many others who work late at night are becoming increasingly concerned about the rising crime statistics in London. One of the crime rates that is rising faster than other crimes, is the murder rate in London. The girls who work for Charlotte Reading escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/reading-escorts/ always make sure that they are safe when they walk home, but what about other girls?


Sadly, in general it has to be said, that other girls are perhaps a little bit more careless as far as personal security goes. Charlotte Reading escorts are often very aware what is around them. Walking home late at night is something that most Charlotte Reading escorts don’t do. When the girls finish their Charlotte Reading escorts shifts, they will instead take a cab home or drive a car. That is really what all ladies living in London should be doing according to the police.


The statistics in London may be frightening, but does that make London one of the most murderous cities in the world? No, it does. The United States of America has a much higher crime rate than any rate that you will find in the UK. Chicago is the American city with the most murderous per capita according to one sexy girl from a local Charlotte Reading escorts agency in the East End in London. On top of that, other cities such as New York and New Orleans have very high crime rates.


In the United States, it appears that the high crime rate is often related to poverty and poor mental health. Is the same thing beginning to happen in London? At the moment, many large cities and capitals around the world seem to be wanting to boil over. After speaking to one girl from a Charlotte Reading escorts agency, it is clear that many Charlotte Reading escorts think that the same thing may happen in London. After all, a lot of people in the UK do suffer from poor mental health.


There is a clear link between poverty and poor mental health when it comes to the crime rate. But, is this a reason for wanting to increase police patrols? Not all Charlotte Reading escorts think it is a good idea to increase police presence. The girls say that it is nice to think that you are taken care of when you go out and about at night. At the same time, the girls are quick to recognise that you have to take of your own personal safety. From what we understand from most Charlotte Reading escorts, there are many of us who do not still want to take responsibility or share the responsibility. To make sure that the murder rate in London stays slow, it is always best to make sure that you are aware of your own security and know how to look after yourself whether you are a local resident or just a visitor to London.


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